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Comprehensive Solutions for Commercial Maintenance Needs

At TEAMUS FACILITY SERVICES, our specialized janitorial solutions are tailored for biomedical, biotechnical, and clean room environments. Our commitment to excellence ensures your facilities are maintained to the highest cleanliness and safety standards. Explore our comprehensive service offerings designed to meet your unique needs.

What We Offer

Exterior Pressure Washing

Revitalize your building's exterior with our high-pressure washing services, which effectively remove dirt, grime, and mildew.

Building Facade Cleaning

Thoroughly clean your building's facade to enhance its curb appeal and ensure a spotless and professional appearance.

Interior/Exterior Glass Cleaning

For a pristine view, achieve crystal-clear windows inside and out with our meticulous glass cleaning services.

Specialty Carpet Cleaning

Preserve and extend the life of your carpets with our specialized cleaning techniques, removing deep-seated dirt and stains.

Hard Floor Cleaning

Maintain the beauty and durability of your hard floors with our expert cleaning and polishing services.

Clean Rooms and Lab Cleaning

Ensure sterile and compliant environments with our specialized cleaning for clean rooms and laboratories.

Medical Cleaning

Protect patient safety and uphold sanitation standards with our comprehensive cleaning services tailored for medical facilities.

Event Porter Services

Ensure your event runs smoothly with our reliable porter services, managing cleanliness and maintenance during your gatherings.

Construction Cleaning

Prepare newly constructed spaces for occupancy with our thorough post-construction cleaning services.

Graffiti Removal

Restore your property’s appearance quickly and effectively with our professional graffiti removal services.

Patch and Paint Services

Refresh and maintain your facility’s interiors with our expert patching and painting services.

Disinfecting Services

Our rigorous disinfecting services target harmful pathogens and keep your environment safe and healthy.

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A clean, well-lit hospital ward with multiple empty beds, medical equipment, and partitions in place.